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Software Development Engineer
Cupertino, CA

INTech North America Retail Expansion (NARX) team!
We work on solutions to meet the needs of Amazon customers in Canada and Mexico.

Technologies used:

Fullstack Engineer
Mountain View, CA

I built ServiceNow platform API integrations with mobile and desktop clients. Most of my work involved building a cross-platform mobile app with Angular and TypeScript. I built an application for Windows and MacOS using ElectronJS + React that was able to interface with ServiceNow, too.

Technologies used:

Data Analyst/Mathematics Instructor
Afficient Academy
Cupertino, CA

Analytical work and automation. I developed scripts to predict student churn using Python + Keras ("machine learning") and automated manual processes for charting student progress and client outreach. Most of this work boiled down to creating dashboards using React with data sourced from MongoDB through API calls and/or scheduled batch read jobs.

Technologies used:


I graduated high school in the Bay Area and studied Mathematics/Economics at the University of California, San Diego for a BS. Afterward, I enrolled in Santa Clara University's JD program but dropped out within a month.

Following the dropout I spent around a year and a half as a self-employed private tutor. I also took up work as a contractor for AJ Tutoring and Manhattan for general academic tutoring and SAT + LSAT test prep.

When not at work, I studied Computer Science. I took introductory CS classes at Foothill and De Anza College, supplementing my learning with free online resources and personal programming projects. My first completed project was a poorly implemented but functional chat app that allowed users to also play Rock Paper Scissors in real time. I built a browser-based web client for the app using AngularJS along with a CLI written in Java. I used Netty for my server and dipped my fingers into databases with a PostgreSQL DB for user credentials. The entire stack was hosted on a single EC2 instance.

Technologies used:

Other Stuff

I have a variety of hobbies:

  • Language Learning (the current challenge is 廣東話)
  • Gaming
  • Weightlifting
  • Music: Guitar and Piano
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Dungeons and Dragons